"The most unique impression tray on the market". Get your upper and lower impression, bite relationship, and with the Midliner, the horizontal plane of occlusion all with one product.

Now you can avoid the “crooked smile” that results from the improper vertical alignment of the patient’s midline. In the past, this has been a complicated procedure involving a great deal of time, training and expensive equipment.

"The correct orientation of the master model is a frequently overlooked aspect of communication between the clinician and the ceramist. The master model must provide the ceramist with the same perspective of the patient as is seen by the clinician - facing the patient."
- Gerald J. Chiche, DDS "Functional Versus Aesthetic Articulation Of Maxillary Anterior Restorations"

The MIDLINER® takes the concept of the triple tray one step further. By incorporating the use of a rotating bubble level, built into the handle of the tray, you can now accurately transfer a patient’s horizontal plane of occlusion while taking the final impression.

Whether used with fixed or removable prosthetics, as a bite registration aid or for your
final impression, let the MIDLINER® help you to avoid your Midline crisis!

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